Burning Man Festival: God Floods The Event

A Double Rainbow Appears At After flooding During Burning Man Event

Monsoon rains and flash flooding stranded tens of thousands of people who were attending the Burning Man festival in remote western Nevada. Authorities confirmed that they are investigating at least one death that was reported during the rain event at Burning Man.

Burning Man: Storms, flooding cause chaos at festival | Las Vegas  Review-Journal

What’s Burning Man?

Burning Man is an annual event that originated in San Francisco in 1986. It was initially a small gathering organized by Larry Harvey and Jerry James on Baker Beach. The event involves the burning of a wooden effigy, which started as a spontaneous act of radical self-expression. Over the years, it has grown in popularity and now spans nine days leading up to and including Labor Day.

Is Burning Man A Religious Event?

Despite the majority of participants identifying as nonreligious, academics have studied the spiritual experiences reported by Burners and noted similarities with religious rituals. Burning Man has evolved from an underground gathering for bohemians and free spirits to a destination for social media influencers, celebrities, and the elite from Silicon Valley.

The Genesis of Burning Man

In 1986, the first year of Burning Man, a group of friends burned an 8 feet tall wooden man and a smaller wooden dog on Baker Beach. This act was described by Larry Harvey as a spontaneous act of radical self-expression. In subsequent years, the size of the wooden man increased, with it growing to 15 feet tall in 1987 and 30 feet tall in 1988. (Possibly the size of Nephilim?)

The Founders Feud

John Law, one of the early participants, attended Burning Man until 1996 when his friend Michael Furey died in a motorcycle crash during event setup. Additionally, there was an incident where a couple was run over in a tent by a driver trying to reach the distant rave camp. Law had disagreements with Larry Harvey regarding these incidents and other issues, and he left Burning Man, expressing his belief that the event should not continue.

Chris Rock and Diplo Escape Burning Man Thanks to Fan With Pickup Truck


It’s no accident that this tragedy at the Burning Man event occurred right after California got its first hurricane in 84 years. After all, Burning Man began on the beach of San Francisco and was moved to Nevada. It is an occultic religious event attended by celebrities such as Chris Rock.It’s my personal belief that God sent a strong warning to the attendees to support one of the founders cry to stop this gathering considering its spiritual roots and the  strange unexplained  deaths of attendees. 



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It’s no accident that this tragedy at the Burning Man event occurred right after California got its first hurricane in 84 years.

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