Christian Adoption Agency Can’t Be Closed for Refusing to Place Kids with Gay Couples

A federal court judge decided Monday a New York-based Christian adoption agency cannot be forced to shut down due to its policy of only placing children with married heterosexual couples. Satan continues to war with the saints using his diabolocial LGBT Agenda that hates real bible believing Christians and their businesses. This latest effort to […]

NuCreature Ministry Anchor Screenshot

Truth About Salvation

In this podcast, Minister Terrell Pearson discusses the “Truth About Salvation” and why understanding true salvation is critical in our walk with God. Because let’s face it, we’re in the endtimes and there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing teaching that you only have to just believe to be a Christian. the Bible says that […]

U.S. survival camps to activate due to fear of election violence

The wicked rulers in high places who continue to deceive the masses into belieiving you can really elect a U.S. president into office are bringing their new world order by creating chaos from a bogus delayed or cancelled so-called election

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