The Truth Behind Masonry

I knew my grandfather, the late Bishop Roscoe Gumm, was founder of Shiloh Apostolic Church in Chicago. But what I didn’t know, he was also a converted 33rd degree Mason.  The lower level masons are usually 1 to 3 degrees, but 33 degrees is Grand Master. I guess this explains the unfortunate events in my family bloodline which had to be dealt with before God dealt with it (Numbers 14:18). Below is a prayer you can pray to close the open “doorways” and close them for good.

The Masonic organization is actually an extension of the Illuminati , a secret organization composed of Jesuit Priests posing as believers in Christ.

Here is a link to a gospel tract which outlines the basics to the spirit behind this organization, it’s basic belief, and a chilling statement from General Albert Pike, a 33rd degree Grand Master:

How to get it out of your bloodline

The first thing is to confess the sins of your forefathers (or mothers) before the Lord as done in Nehemiah 9:1-2 :

“Heavenly Father, I confess the sins of Masonry in my family bloodline, and ask that you forgive us for our sins.”

Then ask God to close every “doorway” that is open for the demons that were involved to freely roam throughout the generations causing havoc.

” Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus the Christ, please seal and shut every spiritual “doorway” that was left open with your blood and redeem us from this curse of the Law.”

Every now and then pray this simple yet powerful prayer and watch what happens! Some things will be loosed and generational habits will fall off of you that came with the curses of the occult.

More Resources:

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My grandfather, the late Bishop Roscoe Gumm, was founder of Shiloh Apostolic Church in Chicago. But what I didn’t know was he was also a converted 33rd degree Mason…

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