Happy New Year: Celebrating Janus


In the Bible, God established the New Year during the Exodus of the jewish people from the bondage of the Egyptian Pharaoh (Ra), Adonai wanted His people to remember His divine deliverance from that day forward. But since then, evil men like Julius Caesar and Pope Gregory VIII decided to create their own version of the calendar in an attempt to ignore God and the jewish calendar. Read more about this below.

Adonai (God’s) Jewish Calendar

As mentioned above, God established a new year celebration to commemorate His divine deliverance of His people from slavery:

“You are to begin your calendar with this month; it will be the first month of the year for you. …for it was in the month of Aviv (or Nisan) that you came out from Egypt.”

Exodus 12:2

So as you can see the creation of the calendar took place about 4000 years ago by God Himself! But as time went on, the memory of the God’s commandments began to fade when the Romans attempted to erase the Jewishness of the Bible with a racist King James Translation and the introduction of the Roman Gregorian calendar. (https://www.calendarr.com/united-states/jewish-calendar)

Initially, God intended for us to observe the sun and moon for our time of day, month and year. (Genesis 1:14) This hasn’t changed. In fact you can look at the moon right now and determine if it’s the first of the month. When it is yellowish it’s the first of the month in God’s calendar. Of course the man made Gregorian calendar will say different.

Who was Janus?

Janus which is where we get January, was the man made god known for looking back at the “old” and forward to the “new” as in the above image. During the Super Bowl, R&B singer Beyonce paid homage to him along with millions of others who cheered her on. See picture below. (https://www.britannica.com/topic/Janus-Roman-god)

Janus depicted on stage during Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance.

Honoring the Lord

To this day the jewish people and Christians who remember God’s commandment still honor God’s New Year around the end of March to April 1st. In fact, all of nature celebrates as well when flowers “spring” forth the weather gets better, the sun gets brighter and so forth. Because unlike man, nature never rebels against God. 


Heavenly Father forgive me for unknowingly honoring Janus and help me to remember your divine deliverance of Your people during the Exodus. I thank You Lord for my divine deliverance during the Pharaoh experiences in my life. Amen.


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