Mike Bickle: The Allegations Against IHOP KC Founder

Mike Bickle IHOP KC Founder

The International House of Prayer, Kansas City (IHOP, KC), a prominent evangelical Christian organization, has been thrust into the spotlight following allegations of sexual abuse against its founder, Mike Bickle. This post aims to critically examine these allegations, their implications, and the broader context in which they have emerged.

The allegations against Mike Bickle have sent shockwaves through the evangelical community, raising questions about the culture within IHOP, KC and the broader issue of sexual abuse within religious institutions. This post will explore the specifics of the allegations, the response from Bickel and IHOP, KC, and the wider implications for the evangelical community and society at large.

Mike Bickle: Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Claims

The allegations against Bickle are serious and not the first time involving claims of sexual abuse and misconduct as the Church admits in am email on November 5,2023. These allegations have been made public by victims who have bravely come forward to share their experiences. The specifics of these allegations, while disturbing, are part of a larger pattern of sexual abuse allegations within religious institutions, highlighting a systemic issue that extends beyond individual cases.

Mike Bickle: Religious Institutions Protect Their Leaders

In response to the allegations, Bickel and IHOP, KC have issued statements denying any wrongdoing. However, these denials have been met with skepticism by many, particularly given the historical tendency of religious institutions to protect their leaders and reputation at the expense of victims. This skepticism is further fueled by the lack of transparency and accountability within IHOP, KC, which critics argue creates an environment conducive to abuse.

However, since publishing this post and to protect the organization ‘s name and reputation as of today, November 5, 2023 at 11 AM the leadership team has released a statement via email for Mike to step down from ministry. It reads as follows:

Our Executive Leadership Team (ELT) and Mike Bickle have agreed that out of the best interest of the organization and the integrity of IHOPKC, Mike will step away from public ministry for an indefinite time, up to and including until we complete a thorough examination of the allegations and inquiry of the circumstances. Mike has agreed to not engage in public ministry, our platform, attend our prayer room or engage in social media messaging

IHOP KC Executive Leadership Team, November 5, 2023

Betrayal of Trust

The implications of these allegations are far-reaching. For the victims, they represent a painful betrayal of trust and a violation of their faith. For the evangelical community, they serve as a stark reminder of the need for accountability and transparency within religious institutions. For society at large, they underscore the importance of addressing sexual abuse in all its forms, regardless of the context in which it occurs.


The allegations against Mike Bickel are a sobering reminder of the pervasive issue of sexual abuse within religious institutions. While the specifics of these allegations are yet to be fully investigated, their emergence highlights the urgent need for transparency, accountability, and systemic change within religious institutions. As the case unfolds, it is crucial that the voices of the victims are heard and that justice is served, not only for the individuals involved but for the broader community affected by these allegations.



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Allegations of sexual abuse against Mike Bickel, founder of the International House of Prayer, Kansas City, have cast a spotlight on the evangelical Christian organization and the broader issue of abuse within religious institutions. The allegations, still under investigation, highlight the need for greater accountability and transparency within such organizations, the wider implications being a…

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