• Digital Pill: Mark of The Beast?

    Digital Pill: Mark of The Beast?

    Digital Pill: Mark of The Beast? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved the first digital pill in the U.S. developed by EtectRx with a digital ingestion tracking system. Abilify MyCite (nano size tablets with sensors) has an ingestible sensor embedded in the pill that records when the medication was taken. The product is…

  • Hailstorms: End Time Weather?

    Hailstorms: End Time Weather?

    According to the Book of Revelations the 16th chapter, verses 17-21, there will be flashes of lightning, earthquakes, and thunders. And in verse 21, God will cause huge hail stones to fall from heaven about the 100 hundred pounds each and kill mankind as they curse him out during the process. This is surely what…

  • Spiritual Warfare on Social Media

    Spiritual Warfare on Social Media

    In this video, Elder Terrell Philip Pearson discusses spiritual warfare in the end times on social media. Elder Pearson recently experienced an increase of witches and warlocks requesting to follow him on social media with the obvious wrong intentions. This is just a reminder of how the scriptures warn us that in the last days, …

  • Questions About End Time Prophecy

    Questions About End Time Prophecy

    Questions About End Time Prophecy: What Is the End Time? Referred to as the latter days, apocalypse, revelations, and the last days in both the Old and New Testaments, the End Time is a period of years characterized by momentous, world-wide troublesome times and hardships, political and economic turbulence, natural disasters, wars and famines.

  • Zechariah Commentary: Chapters 12-14

    Zechariah Commentary: Chapters 12-14

    The Hebrew Prophet Zechariah: His Vision & Prophesies Zechariah Commentary outlines a priest and prophet to the Jews during the rebuilding and reestablishing of Jerusalem after Babylonian exile. He was the son of a prophet, which means he belonged to Aaron’s family. The Lord assigned Zechariah to encourage His people to continue rebuilding the second temple (the…

  • Truth About Tithing

    Truth About Tithing

    Do you want to know the truth about tithing? Will a man rob God’s people? Read on. As a Pastor’s son I have been in Church literally all of my life including on the weekdays for private Christian school. I have always questioned tithing in my mind even though I gave because I didn’t want…