Spiritual Warfare in The End Time

Spiritual Warfare Prayer 

During the end time there will be a rise in occultic activity as the world grows darker. We need to be equipped with weapons of warfare to combat the enemy’s devices. Here is a spiritual warfare prayer that works against any witch that comes at you! As long as you live a holy life.

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Kristine McGuire, a wife and mother, became intrigued with ghost hunting and witchcraft and attempted to blend the occult with her Christian faith until she encountered a demonic spirit.

McGuire and her husband, Tom, explained in an interview with CBN that Kristine had become so deeply involved in witchcraft that she had become a witch, and was ignoring the biblical teachings of her youth.

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Spiritual Weapons And Tactics

Spiritual Weapons And Tactics are necessary in a Christian’s life because  the Bible makes it clear that we are at war against powers and principalities that are in government (rulers) because the people who are in place are answering to an evil higher power (wickedness in high places). Therefore we must stand and resist their attacks until the Lord judges them once and for all. Continue reading “Spiritual Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.)”