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  • Israel-Hamas War: Bible Prophecy?

    The conflict between Israel and Hamas has been characterized as a different type of war, involving Iranian-funded Hamas rockets, indiscriminate attacks on civilians, and hostage-taking. The geopolitical situation involving Israel, Iran, and possibly Russia, is seen by some as a fulfillment of biblical prophecies about the end times centering around Jerusalem. Amid these perceived prophecies,…

    Israel-Hamas War: Bible Prophecy?
  • Commentary: Daniel

    The Book of Daniel is regarded as the cornerstone of Revelation, as both prophetic books are highly esteemed within distinct theological scholarship as the chief writings of the Apocalypse. Nonetheless, there is current digression within biblical scholarship and teaching which questions Daniel’s cohesiveness and trustworthiness due to its literary composition and prophecies. Some theological schools…

    Commentary: Daniel

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