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  • Mushrooms To Treat COVID?

    Mushrooms To Treat COVID?

    Mushrooms to treat COVID? I know, that’s what I thought too when I first read this article from Epoch Times author Joseph Mercola. But it’s no secret that mushrooms are known for their medicinal properties, but what’s new is they’re being researched as to whether they’re tough enough to tackle the COVID-19 virus as well […]

  • Need Cash? Test the CovidVirus for 4500?

    Need Cash? Test the CovidVirus for 4500?

    Need Cash? Would you be willing to help test the CovidVirus 19 with an injection for 4500? You get two weeks of free rent in London. Are you willing to do it for a vaccine to save lives at least? Answer the Poll if you will, and thanks for participating. The Folks over at […]

  • Could Poor Nutrition Lead To Dementia?

    The body and mind is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. What we put in it may not be a sin but it may not be good for the mind or body. For the Bible tells us that what may not be unlawful may not be