A Virtual Passover?

Virtual Passover Coronavirus

Yes, a Virtual Passover was recently celebrated for the first time in over 4000 years in Israel! Normally a multi-generational family gathers to remember God’s supernatural deliverance from slavery in Egypt. As well as the establishment of the Jewish New Year. (Exodus 12)

According to CBN News: JERUSALEM, Israel – Jewish people in Israel and around the world celebrate the biblical holiday of Passover or Pesach with a festive meal called a Seder. But this year won’t be the same.

It’s usually a big, multi-generational celebration:  family and friends gather together for a meal and recount the Exodus story of how God delivered the Jews from slavery in Egypt to freedom. 

“Passover is a memorial. It’s a remembrance of God’s act of redemption on behalf of the Jewish people to bring them out of slavery, bring them into the Promised Land in fulfillment to His promises to Abraham and fulfillment of his covenant,” said Boaz Michael, founder, and director of First Fruits of Zion (FFOZ).

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