Minister Terrell Pearson

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Minister Terrell Pearson

Are you Googling Minister Terrell Pearson? Well look no further hear the truth from man himself! No need to online stalk searching databases! You should at least say hello, because if you’ve found this site, Google has just sent the notification. Anything you want to know just ask!

After years of serving other churches and ministries while dealing with the frustration of most pastors rejecting and refusing to preach the FULL gospel of Jesus Christ which includes His Birth, Resurrection, and Soon Return, Terrell Pearson finally said enough is enough and decided to step forward through NuCreature Ministry to warn the world and unfortunately the church too, about the Return of Jesus Christ and the current events now signalling “Get Ready!”

After a life of hanging with the wrong crowd, hanging out in the clubs, too many wild parties while working as a personal cook for R&B legend Keith Sweat in his Atlanta restaurant, Terrell Pearson, soon became an ordained minister of the gospel, after walking away from a life of sin, and finally answering the call of God to follow in the ministry footsteps of his Grandfather, the late Bishop Roscoe Gumm and uncle, the late Pastor Harold Gumm of Shiloh Apostolic Church in Chicago. Also his father, Pastor of Clarendon Healing Temple Church in Manning, South Carolina, and Mother, Minister of Music, Ruth Marie Pearson.

During which, he served  in various ministries in Atlanta’s New Birth Cathedral  including Byron Cage’s Nation of Jesus Choir,  New Birth’s Prison Ministry, and Taking Authority production team. He continues the legacy of Ministers/Pastors in his bloodline, only this time, without the separation of denomination.

He has studied bible prophecy and current events for over 10 years through Pastor John Hagee, Jack Van Impe Ministries, and Grant R. Jeffrey and now leads NuCreature Ministry, an online ministry educating the world about the Return of Jesus Christ and the current events leading up to it.

Minister Terrell Pearson was also anointed and influenced  in the area of spiritual warfare by Doctor Rebecca R. Brown, author of He Came To Set The Captives Free. He became a licensed/ordained minister via the United Christian Faith Ministries lead by Pastor Glynn Lovell, after completing hours of ministry training and certification, intense interviewing by Church Elders, but most of all, his life experiences qualify him to preach to those from the hood and those who are living good! He remains an honorary member of Cornerstone Church lead by Pastor John Hagee.