The Darkside of Christian And Gospel Music

gospel music with african voodoo rituals incorporated

What Happened To Gospel Music?

Whats the Darkside of Christian and Gospel Music? With its roots deeply embedded in African-American culture, gospel music has played a significant role in shaping the history of music and inspiring countless artists. However, beneath the surface of this seemingly pure and positive genre lies a darker side that often goes unnoticed.

This post aims to shed light on the dark side of gospel music, exploring the exploitation, commercialization, and how African slaves incorporated voodoo rituals with Christian hymns now known as “shouting” music which included the “ring dance”.

Darkside of Christian & Gospel Music: Gospel Music Artists

One of the most significant issues within the gospel music industry is the exploitation of artists. Many talented musicians and singers find themselves trapped in unfair contracts, receiving minimal compensation for their work. Record labels and promoters often take advantage of their vulnerability, offering meager advances and exploiting their passion for the genre. This exploitation not only hinders the artists’ ability to thrive but also undermines the integrity of gospel music as a whole.

For example, in 2019, a prominent gospel artist filed a lawsuit against her record label, alleging that she had been deceived into signing an unfair contract. This case shed light on the pervasive issue of exploitation within the industry, revealing the dark underbelly of gospel music.

Darkside of Christian & Gospel Music: Dilution of Spirituality

This sacred music gained popularity, it became increasingly commercialized, leading to the dilution of its spiritual essence. Record labels and producers began to prioritize marketability over authenticity, resulting in the production of watered-down music that lacked the power and depth of its predecessors. The focus shifted from spreading the message of faith to generating profit, leading to a loss of the genre’s true purpose.

Christian and Contemporary Gospel Music

For instance, many contemporary gospel songs now incorporate elements of pop, hip-hop, and R&B, aiming to appeal to a wider audience. While this may increase the genre’s popularity, it often comes at the expense of its spiritual significance. The commercialization of gospel music has led to a loss of its unique identity, blurring the lines between sacred and secular.

But this is nothing new, God addressed this through the prophet Ezekiel”

“‘Your priests violated my law and desecrated my holy things. They can’t tell the difference between sacred and secular. They tell people there’s no difference between right and wrong. 

Ezekiel 22:26-27 Message Bible

Controversies and Hypocrisy:

Despite its association with spirituality and moral values, gospel music has not been immune to controversies and hypocrisy. Over the years, several prominent gospel artists have faced scandals involving financial impropriety, infidelity, and even criminal activities. These incidents have not only tarnished the reputation of individual artists but have also cast a shadow over the entire genre.

For example, a well-known gospel singer was embroiled in a scandal when it was revealed that he had misappropriated funds from his charitable organization. This incident highlighted the hypocrisy within the industry, where artists who preach righteousness and integrity often fail to practice what they preach.

Incorporating African Voodoo Rituals in the “Praise Dance”

This video explains the dark side of the gospel music in Black Churches. Specifically how African Voodoo rituals were incorporated into whats now called a “praise break” or “shouting music” commonly seen in black churches.

It’s a very detailed explanation, so go directly to frame 30:11 to see how African slaves incorporated their Satanic “African rituals” into their “Christian hymns” in order to be possessed by a “spirit”.

The Dark Side of Contemporary Christian Music by Amazing God Ministry

While Christian Gospel Music has undoubtedly brought joy and inspiration to countless individuals, it is essential to acknowledge its dark side. The exploitation of artists, the commercialization and dilution of spirituality, and the controversies and hypocrisy within the industry are all issues that need to be addressed.


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The dark side Christian & Gospel Music: With its roots deeply embedded in African-American culture, gospel music has played…

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