Woman’s Witchcraft Ends

Kristine McGuire, a wife and mother, became intrigued with ghost hunting and witchcraft and attempted to blend the occult with her Christian faith until she encountered a demonic spirit.

McGuire and her husband, Tom, explained, in an interview with CBNthat Kristine had become so deeply involved in witchcraft that she had become a witch, and was ignoring the biblical teachings of her youth.

“Basically, I ignored what the Bible said and read the rest of it to be what I wanted it to mean and folded it into witchcraft,” Kristine explained.

As time went on, the McGuires’ marriage began to suffer as they questioned their belief in God and their Christian faith. The couple later separated after Kristine learned that Tom was having an emotional affair with a woman he met online.

“I felt abandoned by God and didn’t have control over my own destiny and wanted to connect with a female energy, connect with a goddess,” she explained. “I felt that feminine energy, because it appealed to me, as a woman.”

During the five years that followed, Kristine delved even deeper into witchcraft, but wasn’t able to get loose of the feeling that God was trying to grab her attention as the Holy Spirit convicted her for her obsession with the occult and ghost hunting.

“I would say that He was poking me with a stick trying to help me to come to my senses, because you know, I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I chose to ignore that,” she added.

Still, Kristine became more involved in ghost hunting and even became a medium and said she communicated with spirits.

While Kristine was searching for ghost hunting groups to participate in in her community, her estranged husband, Tom, had rededicated his life to Jesus Christ and tried to reconcile with his wife.

“I told her God had a greater plan than we had,” Tom said.

Although the couple reunited and was working to save their marriage, Kristine’s identity continued to be that of a ghost hunter, medium and a witch.

Despite Tom’s attempts to encourage Kristine to change, she refused. Thus, Tom depended on prayer and for God to reveal the truth to his wife.

One night while ghost hunting, Kristine felt an entity around her and realized that it was a demon.

 Source:  http://www.christianpost.com/news/womans-obsession-with-witchcraft-ends-when-she-faces-demonic-spirit-finds-power-in-jesus-name-111854/cpt

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