Podcast: Truth About Salvation

Truth About Salvation -Terrell Philip Pearson with headphones

Salvation is one of the most misunderstood topics in the Church today. Many different denominations have their own man-made rules or by-laws embedded into their Church constitution in-which their religious organizations are governed by. Some say just have faith and you’re saved, others say you must be baptized in water and of the Spirit. And so on and so on. But what’s the truth to really beginning the process of sanctification according not a denomination, but just from the Bible?

In this podcast, Minister Terrell Philip Pearson discusses the “Truth About Salvation” and why understanding true salvation is critical in our walk with God. Because let’s face it, we’re in the end times and there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing teaching that you only have to just believe to be a Christian. But the Bible says that demons “believe” does that mean they are saved too? You must hear this available on Google, Apple, & Spotify.


Pearson Music & Media · Truth About Salvation
Pearson Music & Media · Truth About Salvation

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