Signed To Seduce: Beyonce, The Super Bowl, Sasha, & Satan. What a hot mess but as part of our series of exposing music industry harlots, this video features Beyonce and how she was obviously “signed to seduce” the masses both spiritually and naturally through her seductive dance routines coupled with her satanic worship through her spirit guide named “Sasha Fierce”. The video was produced by Good Fight Ministries.

No doubt Queen B is the hottest artist on the world stage in 2013 she followed up her lip-syncing scandal at President Barack Obama’s inauguration with a spellbinding
performance at the 2013 Super Bowl during Beyonce’s Super Bowl appearance the Twitter universe lit up with people claiming that Beyonce was flashing the
Illuminati or Devils triangle.
That concern was so great that mainstream media outlets tried to explain it away as simply a reference to her husband Jay-z’s record company of course the simplistic approach ignored the fact that jay-z and Beyonce are aware that the symbol has a layered meaning and Occultic or Luciferian connotations in fact they’re not only aware of this but as you can see, Beyonce’s husband jay-z promotes the occult aspect of the eye and the triangle.
beyonce and jay z illuminati hand signs

Beyonce, the Super Bowl, Sasha & Satan. YouTube. (2013, February 16). Retrieved November 28, 2022, from

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