Could Poor Nutrition Lead To Dementia?

The body and mind is the Temple of the Holy Spirit. What we put in it may not be a sin but it may not be good for the mind or body. For the Bible tells us that what may not be unlawful may not be

Our nutrition should not be taken lightly and so much of what we eat today is not real food. It is man-made-ready-to-go microwaved nonsense that gives our bodies little to no nutrition and keeps our brains operating in poor health.

Many of us don’t even realize just how poor our nutrition has been as a nation and still is today.

The truth is our country spends a lot of money on preventable diseases every year because we refuse to recognize that convenience ruins our body and ultimately shortens our lifespan.

One of the major reasons so many Americans live with declining brain function is because they eat foods that cause inflammation in the body.

Inflammation causes substantial brain damage and increases our risk of dementia. When compared to the nutrition of other countries, America is the anomaly. We could all learn a whole lot if we looked at other cultures and their relationships with food.

One substance that we consume regularly in large amounts as Americans that inflame our bodies and our brains is sugar.

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