Daily Proverb: Pride Come, Then Comes Shame

Daily  Proverb for March 11 is Proverb 11 which says:

When pride come, then comes shame: but with the lowly (humble) is wisdom.
Proverbs 11:2 KJV


I had an old friend who was so proud that he was the official DJ for SoSo Def records in Atlanta and was the first DJ to tour with Michael Jackson. When I would see him at the clubs or on the street, he would speak and we’d talk for a few but, you could just see the arrogance on his face. He went from asking me for my subwoofers to do local house parties to touring with Mariah Carey literally overnight.

Years later, the label went under, and this DJ released a documentary about how the labels executive, Jermaine Dupri, would do unethical practices and not give him the credit he deserved. He was still broke, living in an empty apartment after all of the traveling with these big names. It is my belief that because God has a calling on his life, God would not allow much success due to his pride.

I myself have worked for celebrities but could care less because it didn’t change my life in any way. This humbleness allowed me to receive the wisdom of God rather than the foolishness of this world system. I’m very grateful for this because wisdom will tell you things that are not on the news. It will also warn you ahead of time, if you listen. Have a great day.


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