Daily Proverb: Fear of The Lord

Today’s Daily Proverb:

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7

I remember when I first gave my life back to the Lord in 1997 it seems it was the beginning of my knowledge in scripture relating to bible prophecy, false religions, & doctrines that were not biblical.
One of those religions I learned about was the Masons and how our first President was a member, in fact he is seen in the preface of the Masonic Edition of the Bible. I then discovered my brother had taken the oath to become a member through his fraternity in college. I guess it explained why he drifted away from God over the years.

Because of the knowledge I had received directly from researching the bible and other facts, I was able to reach my brother and convince him to denounce this false form of “christianity” causing him to throw away that so called “bible” from the lodge and walked away from that organization just like my Grandfather did when he was a 33rd Degree GrandMaster.

What I’m saying to you is, when God sees your desire to learn more outside of church, he will privately teach you what He wants you to know and you will never walk in deception based on traditions of men.

This also helped me to walk away from the tradition of my father and family who all beleived in a denomination that was very self-righteous and judgmental. Because in the Kingdom of God, there’s only one faith, one baptism, and one body! Be blessed and keep studying the word of God on your own!


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