Spiritual Warfare

  • Spiritual Warfare Prayer

    After receiving salvation, it’s important to confront past demons head on rather than ignoring them with the gospel of encouragement that’s running rampant in most lukewarm ministries. Here is a spiritual warfare prayer that will help you deal with curses that may entered your life through your parents, ancestors, or yourself.

  • Woman’s Witchcraft Ends

    Kristine McGuire, a wife and mother, became intrigued with ghost hunting and witchcraft and attempted to blend the occult with her Christian faith until she encountered a demonic spirit. McGuire and her husband, Tom, explained, in an interview with CBNthat Kristine had become so deeply involved in witchcraft that she had become a witch, and […]

  • Beyonce

    Signed To Seduce: Beyonce, The Super Bowl, Sasha, & Satan. What a hot mess but as part of our series of exposing music industry harlots, this video features Beyonce and how she was obviously “signed to seduce” the masses both spiritually and naturally through her seductive dance routines coupled with her satanic worship through her spirit […]

  • Spiritual Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T.)

    Spiritual Weapons And Tactics Need A Breakthrough? Spiritual Weapons And Tactics are necessary in a Christian’s life because  the Bible makes it clear that we are at war against powers and principalities that are in government (rulers) because the people who are in place are answering to an evil higher power (wickedness in high places). […]