Sound Doctrine

Sound Doctrine Today’s scripture is not from Proverbs because the Lord redirected my path. I have noticed that people who love their life of sin are always supporting preachers who do not preach against sin. My former Pastor Bishop Eddie Long was one of those preachers who had many celebrities who came to church but … Continue reading Sound Doctrine

Daily Proverb: Be Careful Who You Hang Around

Today’s Daily Proverb:

Enter not into the path of the wicked, and go not in the way of evil men. Proverbs 4:14 KJV

When I was growing up I hung around a’lot of people from gang bangers to church folks. I have also hung around celebrities from my old friend Corey, on the west-side of Chicago who became a member of the rap group Crucial Conflict to my old next door neighbor who became the first DJ to tour with Michael Jackson (DJ Nabs) learned a’lot from these experiences whether they were bad or good. But one thing’s for sure, I’m careful who I hang around now because the street crowd got me in a’lot of trouble in the past, and hanging at the nightclubs harbored drunkenness and lewd behavior. The church folks only gossiped and became judgmental. Continue reading “Daily Proverb: Be Careful Who You Hang Around”