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  • Podcast: Truth About Salvation

    Podcast: Truth About Salvation

    Salvation is one of the most misunderstood topics in the Church today. Many different denominations have their own man-made rules or by-laws embedded into their Church constitution in-which their religious organizations are governed by. Some say just have faith and you’re saved, others say you must be baptized in water and of the Spirit. And…

  • What Does The Bible says About Quarantine?

    What Does The Bible says About Quarantine?

    You may be asking yourself: “Is quarantine in the Bible?” Your answer would be yes. In fact there are 16 versus about it but we’ll examine just one for now.

  • Netanyahu set for fifth term as Israel’s leader, Gantz concedes defeat

    Thanks be to Yahweh! Benjamin Netanyahu, the modern-day King David, has won for the FIFTH time as the leader of Israel.

  • Bible Among the Myths

    Bible Among the Myths

    The Bible Among The Myths: John Oswalt Yet, by the 1960’s, people’s opinion about the Bible began to regress in classifying the Bible as a myth. Because of this regression, Oswalt seeks to examine the real definition of myth and if that definition is appropriate application for the Bible. In exploring the characteristics and commonalities…

  • The Rapture vs The Second Coming of Yeshua: What’s The difference?

    The Rapture vs The Second Coming of Yeshua: What’s The difference?

    Many Christians are confused about the Rapture vs Second Coming of Christ thus leading to an outright unbelief in the pre-tribulation Rapture or both events altogether. While we address this topic in our end time questions and answers, in this article I will discuss the differences between the two prophetic events which will occur at…

  • Commentary: Ezekiel Chapters 38, 39

    Commentary: Ezekiel Chapters 38, 39

    Background Information: Ezekiel was a Jewish priest and prophet who was taken captive by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon during his second invasion of Jerusalem in 597 B.C. The Lord commissioned Ezekiel as the prophet to the Jews in exile. He began prophesying to them when he was 30 years old. In Chapters 38 and 39…