Rapture vs Second Coming

Rapture vs Second Coming

Many Christians are confused about the Rapture vs Second Coming of Christ thus leading to an outright unbelief in the Pre-tribulational Rapture or both events altogether.

It’s sad to say these “Christians” have not taken the time to search the scriptures like the Bereans in Acts 17:11 while reading with Jewish eyes to understand that a Shephard never judges His flock!

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Trump: Two State Solution In A Few Months

Yes, Trump will present a two state solution in just 2-4 months from now. If you’ve been following our end time ministry you are already aware that a two state solution means dividing the land where the West Bank of Israel is located between the Palestinians and Israel in exchange for a 7 year peace treaty. But as we all should know by now, this will be a false sense of Peace thanks to a lying World Political Leader or Anti-Christ. (Daniel 9:24-27. CJB) Continue reading “Trump: Two State Solution In A Few Months”