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  • Podcast: Truth About Salvation

    Podcast: Truth About Salvation

    In this podcast, Minister Terrell Pearson discusses the “Truth About Salvation” and why understanding true salvation is critical in our walk with God. Because let’s face it, we’re in the endtimes and there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing teaching that you only have to just believe to be a Christian. the Bible says that […]

  • U.S. survival camps to activate due to fear of election violence

    U.S. survival camps to activate due to fear of election violence

    The wicked rulers in high places who continue to deceive the masses into belieiving you can really elect a U.S. president into office are bringing their new world order by creating chaos from a bogus delayed or cancelled so-called election

  • CoronaVirus Arrests: Pastor Tony Spell

    CoronaVirus Arrests: Pastor Tony Spell

    Another Pastor is arrested in an incident related to the coronavirus. Pastor Tony Spell acts in outright defiance to the “powers that be” by holding a large Easter service and now almost assaulting someone with the church bus right outside of his church. The Pastor also solicited people to donate their much need stimulus checks […]

  • A Virtual Passover?

    A Virtual Passover?

    Yes, a Virtual Passover was recently celebrated for the first time in over 4000 years in Israel! Normally a multi-generational family gathers to remember God’s supernatural deliverance from slavery in Egypt. As well as the establishment of the Jewish New Year. (Exodus 12) According to CBN News: JERUSALEM, Israel – Jewish people in Israel and […]

  • COVID-19: Liberty University Rebels!

    COVID-19: Liberty University Rebels!

    ” Most of the students are not at risk because of their age”, President Jerry Falwell Jr.

  • What Does The Bible says About Quarantine?

    What Does The Bible says About Quarantine?

    You may be asking yourself: “Is quarantine in the Bible?” Your answer would be yes. In fact there are 16 versus about it but we’ll examine just one for now.

  • End Time Message

    End Time Message

    NuCreature Ministry wants you to know we are now living in the early days of the prophetic book of Revelation. Life as we know it is about to change forever.

  • Putin Extends His Presidency

    Putin Extends His Presidency

    Well, well, well! Is Vladimir Putin not the leader of Russia the Lord was speaking to in Ezekiel 38 and 39? What more proof is needed that he is Gog, leader of Magog and the one who jump-starts Armageddon by invading Israel? Please see below article from the Independent UK. Vladimir Putin appears to have […]

  • Need Cash? Test the CovidVirus for 4500?

    Need Cash? Test the CovidVirus for 4500?

    Need Cash? Would you be willing to help test the CovidVirus 19 with an injection for 4500? You get two weeks of free rent in London. Are you willing to do it for a vaccine to save lives at least? Answer the Poll if you will, and thanks for participating. The Folks over at […]

  • Israel Developing Coronavirus Vaccine

    Israel Developing Coronavirus Vaccine

    Medical research labs worldwide are racing to find a vaccine for the coronavirus. One Israeli laboratory called MIGAL claims it has a four-year head start and they’ll have a vaccine in weeks.