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Could China be Experiencing God’s Judgment?

Could China be experiencing God’s Judgment? First the coronavirus and now the Bird flu? Whether it’s man-made or God sent, God is allowing it to happen. But why? And where can we find this in scripture? Let’s examine the facts. Chinese Dragon Worship It’s no secret that the Chinese are known to celebrate the Dragon […]

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Trump Peace Plan: Palestinian State

Trump Peace Plan: Palestinian State. In the main stream media, it appears that President Trump is the only major leader supporting Israel and this peace plan; but please know the European Union (Western Europe), Egypt, and the Gulf States are expending time and economic investment to ensure the provisions of this plan are fully implemented! […]

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Trump is Preparing to Release His Middle East Peace Plan

Please be aware the wording of the Middle East peace plan has changed to Jerusalem being shared, not divided with the Palestinians. In the sight of the Lord, this is the same as parting my land in Joel 3:2. JERUSALEM — President Trump on Thursday invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his challenger in […]

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Rise of the Microchip: Ready?

On August 1, 2017, workers at Three Square Market, a Wisconsin-based company specializing in vending machines, lined up in the office cafeteria to be implanted with microchips. One after the other, they held out a hand to a local tattoo artist who pushed a rice-grain sized implant into the flesh between the thumb and forefinger. […]

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