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Rapture vs Second Coming

Many Christians are confused about the Rapture vs Second Coming of Christ thus leading to an outright unbelief in the pre-tribulation Rapture.

Many Christians are confused about the Rapture vs Second Coming of Christ thus leading to an outright unbelief in the Pre-tribulational Rapture or both events altogether.

It’s sad to say these “Christians” have not taken the time to search the scriptures like the Bereans in Acts 17:11 while reading with Jewish eyes to understand that a Shephard never forsakes His sheep! Throughout the Bible, Yeshua (Jesus) demonstrates “rapture” like events pointing to this global imminent event. Check it out.

While we address this topic in our End Time Questions and Answers, in this article I will discuss the differences between the two prophetic events which will occur at two different times for two different reasons in prophecy.

Beside, why would Christians choose to believe that there will be no Pre-tribulational Rapture? Do they want to go through the Tribulation? What a depressing thought to know Yeshua (Jesus) did not keep His word when He promised to keep us out of “the hour of temptation” for patiently waiting on His arrival while keeping His word.

‘ Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation, which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth. ‘

Revelation 3:10

Let’s take a look at detailed facts that distinguish the two prophetic events:

Rapture vs Second Coming Comparison

Rapture | Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18 | Yeshua (Jesus)Second Coming | Scripture: Revelation 19:11-21 (Jesus)
Yeshua meets His saints only in the air above the clouds. Yeshua returns to Earth with His saints on white horses and stands on Mt. of Olives
Yeshua comes for His ChurchYeshua comes with His Church
Yeshua saves us from His wrathYeshua pours out His wrath upon the unrepetant
Comes as a BridegroomComes as a Judge, Warrior, and King

What’s The Rapture?

The Rapture will be a private event where Yeshua (Jesus) will invite only His people to meet with Him in the air, and evacuate them from the earth before the seven year Tribulation begins. (Thess. 4:17, Rev. 3:10)

In the Rapture, the Messiah comes down from Heaven and meets the Resurrected Saints in the air:

“For the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a rousing cry, with a call from one of the ruling angels, and with God’s shofar (trumpet); those who died united with the Messiah will be the first to rise; then we who are left still alive will be caught up with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air; and thus we will always be with the Lord.”

‭‭1 Thessalonians ‭4:16-17‬ ‭CJB‬‬

He doesn’t just appear “in the air” at the Second Coming because His Saints are already with Him. Rather, He physically comes to the earth for the second time.

All throughout the Bible, God has never allowed His people to experience judgment along with those being judged during a full execution of His wrath.

Abraham asked God would he destroy the wicked with the righteous:

Avraham approached and said, “Will you actually sweep away the righteous with the wicked? Far be it from you to do such a thing — to kill the righteous along with the wicked, so that the righteous and the wicked are treated alike! Far be it from you!”  B’resheet (Gen)‬ ‭18:23, 25‬ ‭CJB‬‬

In Sodom and Gomorrah, God personally paid a special visit to evacuate Lot and his family by sending two (including Himself) angels before the sin of sexual immorality (homosexuality) was destroyed in this city of sin.

‘But as they left, they took Lot, Avram’s brother’s son, and his possessions; since he was living in S’dom. ‘ B’resheet (Gen.14:12, CJB)

God will repeat the same judgement of stoning of those who continued to sin in the future only this time, with giant sized hail stones mixed with fire and blood. (Rev 16; Gen. 13:10)

” Because thou hast kept the word of my patience, I also will keep thee from the hour of temptation (tribulation), which shall come upon all the world (not the raptured saints), to try them that dwell upon the earth.”

Rev. 3:10 CJB

Also, there will be a major Resurrection of the Saints who will be transformed in a twinkling of an eye:

“It will take but a moment, the blink of an eye, at the final shofar. For the shofar will sound, and the dead will be raised to live forever, and we too will be changed.”

1 Corinthians (1 Co)‬ ‭15:52‬ ‭CJB

What’s The Second Coming?

The Second Coming however, will be a very public event when the Lord will return with His saints, (His bride the church) those who were raptured and experienced the Resurrection along with those saints killed during the tribulation.

“The armies of heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and pure, were following him on white horses.” 

Revelation of Yeshua to Yochanan – Rev. 19:14‬ ‭CJB

Also, and I can’t emphasize this more: at the Second of Coming of Yeshua, He will place His feet on planet earth–specifically, the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

“On that day his feet will stand on the Mount of Olives, which lies to the east of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem); and the Mount of Olives will be split in half from east to west, to make a huge valley. Half of the mountain will move toward the north, and half of it toward the south.”

Zechariah 14:4 CJB

The Second Coming, The Day of The Lord, etc. is the second time the world will see Him that’s why it’s called the Second Coming! If you notice this time He’s not coming ” like a thief in the night”, this time every eye shall see Him!

“Look! He is coming with the clouds! Every eye will see him, including those who pierced him; and all the tribes of the Land will mourn him. Yes! Amen!”

Revelation of Yeshua to Yochanan (Rev)‬ ‭1:7


As you can see from scripture, even when we were not under Grace, God always provided an evacuation plan before He executed judgement upon the wicked on a global scale. Don’t get this confused with small events happening here and there. Also don’t be deceived by many false prophets who have arose. Please study the Rapture for yourself. Meanwhile, I’ll see you in the clouds!


Rapture: 1 Thess. 4:17; 1 Corinthians 15:51-54

Second Coming: Rev. 19:11

By Minister Terrell Pearson

Minister Terrell Pearson is an ordained minister who studied MA Pastoral Ministry at Liberty University and runs a blog at NuCeature Ministry.