Daily Proverb: My Son Keep My Words

Today’s Daily Proverb:

My son, keep my words…Proverbs 7 KJV

The entire theme in Proverbs 7 encourages the reader to keep the words of the book of the Law and avoid the strange women dressed like harlots (whores, verse 5 & 10 KJV). Continue reading “Daily Proverb: My Son Keep My Words”


The Truth Behind Masonry

I knew my grandfather, the late Bishop Roscoe Gumm, was founder of Shiloh Apostolic Church in Chicago. But what I didn’t know, he was also a converted 33rd degree Mason. ┬áThe lower level masons are usually 1 to 3 degrees, but 33 degrees is Grand Master. I guess this explains the unfortunate events in my family bloodline which had to be dealt with before God dealt with it (Numbers 14:18). Below is a prayer you can pray to close the open “doorways” and close them for good. Continue reading “The Truth Behind Masonry”