$3000 To Walk On Water? In A Pair of Nike Shoes?

Yep you read right! $3000 for a pair of “Jesus Shoes” that allows you to walk on water and get a blessing from a priest. Sounds crazy? Read on!

Nike’s Walk on Water Shoe Ad

25 Around four o’clock in the morning, he came toward them, walking on the lake! 26 When the talmidim (Disciples) saw him walking on the lake, they were terrified. “It’s a ghost!” they said and screamed with fear. 27 But at once Yeshua (Jesus) spoke to them. “Courage,” he said, “it is I. Stop being afraid.”

Mathew 14:25-27 CJB

The so-called “godly” shoes were made by Brooklyn-based product design company MSCHF, which created about two dozen of the kicks as a way of trolling “collab culture,” its head of commerce Daniel Greenberg says.

New York based Jewish design firm, MSCHF creates a Roman Catholic version of a pair of Nikes that appears to be for good luck. According to the news report, the shoes gives you the people power to ‘walk on water’ so to speak and because these shoes reportedly were blessed by a priest and has a red insole in reference to the red Papal shoes that were traditionally worn by Vatican leaders supposedly brings good luck which explains why they sold out so fast.

Conclusion: In my opinion I think it is sad that a Jewish company would design a shoe supporting the Roman Catholics the very institution that beat, mocked, & spat in Yeshua’s face while He was on the cross.

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