Prophetic Word 2018

Prophetic Word 2018

In this video Pastor Kent Christmas brings a Prophetic Word 2018 which God declares the season of men being in charge is over, and to those who lost their first love and are lukewarm to return to their first love of God or He will remove their candlestick and give it to another. Here are excerpts from the transcript:

00:00 God said released this word of the Lord 

00:02to this house tonight I’m going to read 

00:06it to you that’s how God told me to do 

00:08it I’ve never done that before it’s a 

00:12little different from me but it’s the 

00:14direction that I feel that God wants to 

00:18release this word tonight in that manner 

00:22this prophecy tonight is going to deal 

00:24with the nation it’s going to deal with 

00:28the lukewarm it’s going to deal with the 

00:31righteous and it’s going to deal with

00:33the wicked if it doesn’t apply to you

00:36don’t apply it to yourself

00:38it starts out negative and it ends

00:41positive so I don’t want you feel liking

00:44well there’s no hope when you begin to