Prophetic Word 2018

Prophetic Word 2018

Kent Christmas: Prophetic Word 2018

In this video Pastor Kent Christmas brings a Prophetic Word 2018 which God declares the season of men being in charge is over, and to those who lost their first love and are lukewarm to return to their first love of God or He will remove their candlestick and give it to another.  


Kent Christmas: Prophetic word 2018

The Transcript:

I’m going to read it to you that’s how
God told me to do it I’ve never done
that before it’s a little different from
me but it’s the direction that I feel
that God wants to release this word
tonight in that manner
this prophecy tonight is going to deal
with the nation it’s going to deal with
the lukewarm it’s going to deal with the
righteous and it’s going to deal with
the wicked if it doesn’t apply to you
don’t apply it to yourself
it starts out negative and it ends
positive so I don’t want you feel liking
well there’s no hope when you begin to
hear this word of the Lord but this is
something that God has very very clearly
spoken to my spirit and I want you to
hear what God has to say tonight to us
as the body of Christ the Lord says that
I am now taking hold of the reins of the
nations in the earth and of my body and
the church the season of men being in
charge is over and I am now going to
perform my word of my prophets that they
have declared four generations
to those in my house who are believers
but have left your first love either
return it to me your passion or I’m
going to remove your candlestick and I
will give it to another and the light of
my presence will no longer be in your
life because you did not value the
presence of the Lord for Christians who
no longer value my presence any more and
are lukewarm and my house has not been a
priority in your lives I am going to
withdraw from you this coming year says
the Lord I have blessed to look warm
hoping that my blessings would make you
love me more and want to spend time with
me but you have fallen in love with my
blessings instead of me I am now going
to remove my protection that I have had
in your lives and in your house and over
your family says the Lord and when
you cry out to me I will not answer you
in that day my people have run after
preachers and prophets who have lied to
them and said it’s all right to be
lukewarm and not committed to me and
make peace with sin in your life they
have said I am only a God of grace and
mercy and though I take no pleasure in
the death of the wicked I also take no
pleasure in my people who honor me with
their lips but not with their hearts for
Christians who have known my holy
presidents that have been filled with my
spirit but have put no value on that
I am 2018 beginning to ruin my presence
from them and I will they will no longer
even feel convicted for the ways that
they go in that are no longer right I
have never asked my children to be
perfect just to be holy not to love the
world or the things that are in the
world but to love me first when the
lukewarm have sold their souls for in
the church I’m now going to take from
them I’m going to give it to my children
who have lived for me at any cost there
is going to be a great change in the
value system in the house of God I am
not releasing this word says the Lord
because I’m looking for people to repent
I am releasing this word because I’m
absorbing myself of the blood of the
lukewarm on the day that you stand and
look in the eyes of your holy father so
he who is holy let him be holy still and
he who is unclean
let him be unclean starting in the year
2018 I’m going to begin to remove many
churches in this nation who have made my
house a house of merchandise and have
caused my presence to be hid from my
sheep for my house shall be called a
house of prayer says the Lord and not a
den of thieves
my house shall be a hospital saith the
Lord it shall be filled with the bruised
the broken and the needy and though my
house has been filled with many it’s not
been filled with those who my spirit has
reached out to this final move I am now
releasing in the earth says the Lord it
is not a move that’s going to happen
but it would be a move of the pure
presence of myself and of the sekonic
glory of God I am now releasing my glory
and my presence in the earth because the
harvest is now ready says the Lord and I
have been waiting for labourers to put
the harvest in I now say into the church
that I have enough labor says God to
bring the harvest into the house of the
law so in 2018 says the law for many
houses your walls will have to be pushed
out say it golf for there is an army of
men and women that are getting ready to
come into the house of the Lord and for
those that are labour saith God your
labor in my work has not been in vain
but the joy of the Lord shall be in thee
as you won’t say it God them come in not
by the hundreds and not by the thousands
but by the millions they shall come into
the United States of America and to
other nations and my house shall again
be called the house of prayer as I now
begin to release my glory in the nation
there are going to be massive crowds an
abundant supply of financial resources
great signs and wonders shall not only
be in my church but they shall begin to
be released in Congress and in
government saith God and in places of
leadership throughout the world
I have withheld signs and wonders and
miracles because the counterfeit Church
has made a God out of them and sought
them and counterfeited them and would
not give me glory in 2018 there subby a
beginning of the greatest supernatural
display of the glory of God that man has
ever seen
you shall stand in amazement say it
caught and even the stories that have
been told to you by another generation
shall not be able to measure up to that
that I am getting ready to release in my
body of Christ for the glory of the law
for it is my honor say it God to
displayer the muscle and the power of my
mind and though I have been limited
saith God I am now
longer limited before I have an army of
believers who have risen up in faith and
have declared our God can do anything
the days of the devil and his servants
put the muzzle on my people are over I
now say at the Lord that I’m going to
put great men in places of tremendous
influence in the nations they will speak
with such authority and power that the
enemy will not be able to be challenged
and the voices of them that have stood
on your televisions and said that God is
dead and that righteousness is evil and
evil is righteousness God says I’m going
to respite them up I’m going to declare
war on the devil and his kingdom and his
servants who have tried to destroy me
and my people say at the Lord 2018 saith
god will be known to remember as a year
of death in the United States for the
wicked who have been a mouthpiece for
Satan and also for false prophets
hirelings and wolves in sheep’s clothing
and the lukewarm gulf says I am
physically going to remove men and women
and when you get up in the coming years
saith the Lord you shall be amazed at
the names that are going to begin to
leave the earth that have tried to
devour and detour the power and the
glory of the Lord I’m going to replace
him with men who have never been heard
and women who have been silenced by the
enemy they shall stand and speak under
the wisdom and the power of God and even
your newschannel saith the Lord shall
begin to give them coverage of what God
is saying in this hour in 2018 there
will be a year of death for the wicked
gulf says it will remember it as a year
rebirth and life for the righteousness I
now speak as the eternal father of
Heaven says the Lord for decades of my
son Jesus Christ has been ridiculed of
discredited mocked and ignored by the
wicked and not been given honor and
reverence by the lukewarm Gulf says I am
hallelujah in this coming year in this
nation and in nations around the world
I’m going to vindicate my son Jesus
Christ I’m going to lift him up and his
name and it will be a name above all
names in heaven and in earth saith the
Lord and the name of Jesus again will be
on the lips of men and women that are
righteous in this country and the days
of maligning God saith the Lord are
coming to an end God says I’m going to
bankrupt sports in the year of 2018
there shall be in the beginning God says
I’m coming against Hollywood up God says
I’m coming against the NFL I think God
says I’m coming against professional
sports and they will never recover what
they have had in times past
at the same time saith the Lord there’s
gonna be a spirit of Honor that’s gonna
descend upon the house of God and I’m
going to redeem the integrity of my
people and my ministry saith the Lord
and in the house of God it shall be
known as a house of integrity
righteousness and power by my spirit
starting now and continued to the year
2018 I am NOT going to answer long-term
prayers of the righteous of both in the
spirit and in the natural for year saith
the Lord my children have prayed to me
petition me ask me and commanded me yet
I’ve been silent until they wondered God
do you even hear us yes I have heard you
all righteous children and not only am I
going to answer your prayers in the
spirit there’s gonna be revival and
glory and restoration 2018 shall be a
year of natural blessing upon the house
of God the Lord says moving companies
are not gonna have enough trucks to
handle the amount that the righteous are
gonna move from one home to another I’m
going to take businesses saith the Lord
I’m going to transfer their ownership in
their deed I’m gonna give it to men that
have struggled up but I’ve tied them and
I stood on the things of God and
held on to the word of the Lord 2018
will be a year of great reward to those
who with their sacrifice and faith have
proved to me whether I answered your
prayers are not that you would love me
and serve me till you died and if you
died of your prayers not answered that
praise would still be upon your lips as
you crossed over from this world to the
next I’m going to command the enemy
saith the Lord to release them and
restore all that he has stolen from the
righteous men and women in the earth so
that the word of the Lord shall be
fulfilled it declares the wealth of the
wicked it stored up for the righteous
and though they think because their
names on the deem that it belongs to
them God says I’ve had this generation
of wicked men just become caretakers to
nurture and to take care and to grow the
prosperity that I’m getting ready to
release unto the house of the Lord God
says your prayers have a synonym unto
the throne room of the Lord and I am now
preparing a house and a habitation that
shall be beautiful and you shall be set
as a city upon a hill that shall not be
heared up now all that in that day saith
God mortgages shall be burned up and the
righteous hallelujah shall bring the
power of God back into the house there
will be such an abundance of the
presence of God though that money and
resources are that we will have to tell
people enough enough the coffers are
overflowing for my earth hell is full of
my possessions saith the Lord and I own
the cattle on a Thousand Hills of do not
think because I’ve been silent that I’ve
not heard your voice but on the year of
the Lord has been attuned to the cry of
my people and now I stand this day saith
God and I flex some muscle of my arm and
I declare unto the earth that it’s mine
the church is mine man is
I made man he did not make me and my
word will not return them unto me void
this move that you’re going to see with
the ionizer it’s not a pruning of my
house saith the Lord but is a cleansing
uh saith God it is a fearful thing to
fall into the hands of a living God the
Lord says I’m not going to judge those
who have sinned out of weakness my mercy
shall cover thee but he said I’m going
to judge those in this nation and in my
house who sent out of choice and
rebellion and I rejected the ways of God
grace saith the Lord
and judgments are flow to rivers at the
same time from my throne up to one shall
be to the righteous whom the world is
mocked and ridiculed and the other sub
eat of the wicked who says there is no
God oh no this saith the Lord that when
the trumpet sounds all they so wish they
have been as the righteous for the favor
of the Lord it’s now upon my people in
the year 2018 saith the Lord and though
they read the plagues of Egypt of the
first view God says I declare that from
this day on I am said he saith the Lord
a fence around godly families and I’ll
make a commitment to you says the Lord
and an oath that cancer shall not cross
over you dad shall not cross over
disease shall not cross over and the
Devourer shall not cross over her there
is favor upon the righteous in the year
of 2018 and while their growth start
descenders nation there shall be light
in the land of the righteous and the
spirit of heaviness that the enemies put
on you saith the Lord I take it off and
I put on you the Karman appraiser
my word is going to be fulfilled up
because I do not lie and my word will
not return unto me void and for those
that have served me for generations and
for decades and have wondered God if
this is all there is a know my son and
daughter that know this is just the
beginning of what is being released
so choose me saith the Lord choose me
and know that the arm of flesh will
failure but the arm of the almighty
shall sustain thee forever saith the
Lord for there have been many that
before men were ashamed of me Gulf says
I can no longer have people who will be
ashamed of me before men I need my
church saith the Lord to take a public
decoration from this day on regardless
of the cost that I am going to serve the
Lord Jesus Christ the last move of the
Lord will never be to the lukewarm it
will be to the unsaved and it will be to
the righteous and God says I were
throwing my conviction for those that
have heard me and I played it with them
that did not come I think off set as a
you say there’s time I say there is no
time for the lukewarm there is for the
righteous and there is the undie unsaved
but the Lord says what I am releasing is
so precious and so glorious that I
cannot allow it to be put on people who
put value who don’t put value on a God
says there is a wind of rest that I’m
beginning to blow and I am blowing rust
upon the lives of you faithful men and
women that have been so depleted from
the battle today I am taking the sword
out of thy hand and I am putting the
banner of righteousness and praise upon
thee and the war is coming to an end or
with evil in your life for the unsaved
that are in your family god says part of
my heritage to you is that before 2018
is out there that many you’re gonna
stand in this church with your unsaved
seed’um standing beside you and they’re
going to give their hearts to the Lord
God said I am bringing healing up to the
rifts of families and there’s a bond of
unity and love that’s getting ready to
hit the house of the Lord and as the
Lord says I am NOT angry with thee the
lengths that I am releasing this word
because I am now moving and Men
no longer in charge and God says I want
you to be in my house I want you to be
in my kingdom I want to open the windows
of heaven on you and I want to bless you
I’m not angry you are my love
I take no death in the pleasure in the
death of the wicked what I have is so
valuable that what I’m going to give to
committed people is of such price that I
can only give to people who by faith
have declared value of me I have not
forgotten the rejections of sufferings
the embarrassments that you endured for
being a Christian know this saith the
Lord there has been a voice of evil that
has spoken in this nation God says I’m
gonna muzzle that voice and there’s
going to be a voice of righteousness
loose and God says you will sit in front
of your television news stations and you
will look at one another amazement as
how cannot believe what I’m hearing
because God said I’m lifted up men that
I’m going to confirm says the Lord that
is not the days of preaching anymore it
is the day of demonstration and though
there will be preaching in the house
Gulf said it will not have the
preeminence that it’s had but God said
the greatest preaching is going to come
forth there’s gonna be a confirming of
the word with signs and wonders follow
me now the law says it’s gonna even be
on little children that I’m going to hit
classrooms I’m invading the school
system of the United States of America
and these lies saith the Lord that have
infiltrated and they’ve been talked to
God said I’m going to remove professors
and teachers that they’ve taught
children that that which is not true and
because they stood in my classroom and
taught this generation what is not true
God said I’m releasing a righteous sound
the Lord also says the flag of this
nation shall not fall to the ground in
infancy an embarrassment but the Lord
said I’m raising it back up and as
you’ve honored the flag saith the lord
thou has honored me and no
saith god I breathed on you I breathed
on you life
I breathed on you joy I breathe on you
peace and may the God of peace be upon
thee my children may you receive my word
today saith the law
I could tell you this
the father’s lukewarm might be running
for the altars and robbers righteous I
would be shouting sits in the Lord gave
me more prophetic you can be seated I’m
going to speak more extemporaneously to
you this is what I heard God speak to me
I was in prayer and God began speaking
he said son he said I’m getting ready to
raise up God portals and God gates in
this nation they said God portals are
geographical locations where heaven is
going to be opened and there’s going to
be this divine connection and there will
be no demonic interference and God said
I’m going to even surround the
perimeters of this nation with God
portals and he said when those god
portals happen he said you will know it
because there’s going to be a release of
the Shekinah glory of God that’s gonna
arise out of these God portals and God
said these God portals will not be
stopped by men but they will be divinely
inspired by the power of God and he said
the glory of God will set in these
geographical locations and he said it
will be of such magnitude that people
will come from all of the other areas
and they will behold the glory of the
Lord I went back and I began to just
read the Welsh revival was a God portal
for two years in Wales their nation was
in such sinful condition that alcoholism
and everything else raged no churches to
speak up no move of God a generation
that did not know the Lord God begins to
move on a young man and he begins to
pray his name is Evan Roberts and for
two years Evan Roberts is drawn by God
to pray one to five hours
every morning in two years this glorious
God portal hits Wales one of the
defining factors about it that is
getting ready to hit our nation was that
this move of God in Wales drew young
people this is why men like Isaiah are
so so needed hallelujah
you’re not a joshua near caleb but
you’re gonna be of that generation that
literally leads hallelujah and you have
a voice at the millennial generation
listens to that i do not touch
when this revival happened meetings
lasted up to 10 hours without a break
people lost all sense of time and
churches became so full that crowds of
people stood on the outside waiting to
get in with this there also came a great
conviction of sin that it just happened
because there was the supernatural
release of the holy presence of god
store sold out of their bibles there
were an estimated a hundred and fifty
thousand people were saved whole
communities were turned upside down the
crime rate dropped that nothing on the
alcohol trade was destroyed from the
results of one god portal and yet
history says that every time there has
been that god portal in the earth
it was always started by hungry men and
women who spent time in prayer this
coming year God says what we’ve seen in
Toronto and Pensacola and other places
is nothing compared to what’s getting
ready to be released in the earth and in
this nation
and the Lord I went back because I
thought it was this the street Azusa
Street was supernatural it was a God
portal that was over a old warehouse
cleaned out by some women it was started
by a african-american man named William
C Morton this is what the LA Times I
give you a quote set up Azusa Street and
William Seymour it is a weird Babel of
it is a disgraceful intermingling of the
races led by a one-eyed Negro who stays
on his knees most of the time praying
these people appear to be mad and minted
to arranged and under a spell yet God
called it a God portal history says that
Christianity was forever changed
worldwide and became a major turning
point in all the world’s churches out of
Azusa Street because it was a God portal
where the miraculous and the holy
presence of God settled down that
revival lasted three to half years three
services a day seven days a week and it
was known for one thing there was a
revival of the baptism of the holy ghost
with the evidence of speaking in tongues
as a spirit of God gave the utterance
there was no advertising there were no
offerings taken in fact newspapers came
of their own to chronicle what had been
it deal with the race war in our nation
and here made by the spear the Lord
God’s fed up to here with the spirit of
racism that’s in the church whether
you’re black or white your politics and
your life better line up with the word
of the Lord and God says for every man
and woman whether you’re an American in
you’re black you’re white or you’re
Mexican God said you better get your
right attitude in the Holy Ghost you are
God said I’m gonna walk away from you
and leave you holy what you cold dear
that’s an idol because my church it is
going to be holy through without the
Visiona and there’s gonna be love in the
house of God and don’t ever think that
God cannot deal with that filthy demonic
spirit that rises up in the church that
divides a house of God boy I feel a holy
unction on me and by the spear the Lord
God’s headed up to here with that and
God said I’m gonna break that thing up
and every man and woman that’s proponent
in the house of the Lord God some that
are silenced them as I in with God
portals God also said in those God
portals the year 2018 I’m going to begin
to raise up God gates and God said God
gates our men and women that the
presence of God is going to settle down
on and that the Spirit of the Lord is
going to flow through them and as a Holy
Ghost flows through them signs and
wonders are going to begin to happen
that are going to be indescribable and
God said these God gates are men and
women that mostly are unknown but for
years have died to self and have told
God all I want is for your name to be
lifted up
and the Lord said when I said to spear
the Lord is upon me and has anointed me
for the bruise that broken the blind the
captive in the poor God said I’m going
to fulfill that commission through God
gates and many of them will never been
to seminary they will be unknown some
will be children says the Lord some will
be senior people some will be ladies
some will be uneducated and they will
not measure up to what the modern world
says whom God’s had used and golf says
just as I bypassed the Pharisees on the
day of Pentecost in their temple God
says I have already moved past the
modern church in this nation and the
Lord said I am turning back to a group
who are holed up in prayer and are
trying out for the release of the
magnified of the glory of the Lord so
God says no this this move of the Lord
is not orchestrated by man nobody will
write a book about it nobody will get
rich from it I think God said it’s not
for that I think God said this is about
my son Jesus Christ
so get ready says the Lord to the
remnant of the god gate now Lord I
release hallelujah God we release it
this house and anointed of the Lord I
want you to stand to your feet I have
waited all my life for this season
chiara ba ba Sunday hallelujah
hallelujah hallelujah
the Lord said there are some here that
you have not felt anything God says
that’s because I’ve already withdrawn
from you but there are others the Lord
says I have lit a fire in your heart
tonight hallelujah
and God says what the counterfeit church
tried to produce and fail God said I’m
gonna do it in a moment’s time and the
world will stand and say how did you do
and God said because it’s not by might
and it’s not by power but it’s by my
spirit saith the Lord hallelujah I don’t
know I can’t see a clock it’s only

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