Ohio Wedding Minister Wins A Battle with the LGBT Agenda

An Ohio wedding minister, Kristi Stokes, wins a battle with the LGBT agenda intended to force traditional Christian conservatives to bow down and forsake their religious convictions to support the homosexual agenda used by the powers-that-be to persecute the body of Christ.

Kristi Stokes, owner of Covenant Weddings, sued Cuyahoga County earlier this year over a law that barred places of public accommodation from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

“Even if Plaintiffs’ services could be considered a place of public accommodation, the Accommodations Clause does not mandate or force Kristi Stokes, or any other minister, to officiate or solemnize weddings against their sincerely held religious beliefs,”

Says the Agreement

Thank God for this victory which can be used in future cases for ministers who sue the government for trying to force them to bow down to the LGBT agenda.


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