Spain Creates COVID-19 Registry

Spain's Vaccine Registry

Criminal COVID-19 Registry?

You may not be a criminal but imagine being placed on a COVID-19 registry? Not because you committed a criminal act but because you refused to accept the vaccine? Well Spain has created a private registry for those who have and will refuse the vaccine to share with other European countries. This is a crux of the New World order agenda where you are demonized in databases for not complying with an agenda that’s against what you believe.

COVID-19 Background Checks From Registries

And to make matters worse, just like offender registries here in the U.S., the list will be accessible to employers during background checks as well as to the public. Even though Salvador IIIA says it won’t be. For example, In 1947, sex offender registries were created for criminals initially in the state of California for law enforcement eyes only but made public in 1996. The general public did not realize it was a preview of the things to come because it was presented as a false sense of security.

“In the registry, which we will share with our European partners because we are all committed to creating a COVID-19 registry, we will put those people who were offered the vaccine and refused to get it, just like is the case with other treatments,” Health Minister Salvador Illa told Spanish broadcaster La Sexta. 

“It is not a document which will be made public and it will be done with the utmost respect for data protection.” He added: “People who are offered a therapy that they refuse for any reason, it will be noted in the registry… that there is no error in the system, not to have given this person the possibility of being vaccinated.”

New World Order Databases

The global “international community” as Obama phrased it, will consist of government databases in “order” to keep track of people in various places for one common cause. In this case, no matter where a person from Spain runs to, their health information along with their refusal to take the vaccine will be accessible by employer, doctor, and law enforcement agency. This is the nucleus of the New World Order system! The data in the database will be migrated into a global identification system now being employed in New York.


We are rapidly moving toward a global community (New World) that will be controlled (Order) by one global dictator prophesied in Revelation 13 in the Holy Bible. Now if you don’t believe the bible, I can’t help you. At least ask God, if you believe in God, to open your eyes so you can see what is happening right before your eyes. But I warn you, once you start warning others, you will be labeled a “conspiracy theorist.” God bless you for reading these words today and may you be protected from the things to come.


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