Indefinite Detention Centers: Are They Making Space?

Former Walmart indefinite detention center

A indefinite detention Center is any facility the government or military, uses to detain migrants, immigrants, prisoners of war, or Americans who are considered domestic terrorists (protestors, anti-government, etc.) whether temporary or indefinite. According to the ACLU, in 2011, Obama signed this into law giving any U.S. President the power to detain any American for any reason without trial or jury.

Could the shutdown of brick and mortar businesses be a ploy to reserve space for future indefinite detention centers hidden in plain sight? Let’s take a look.

Former Walmart Indefinite Detention Center

Did you know hundreds of young boys who were separated from their parents at the southern border are being held at a former Wal-Mart that has been converted into a shelter? Jacob Soboroff joins Stephanie Ruhle to describe living conditions inside the largest immigration detention center in the country. Robert Costa, Jonathan Capehart, and Brendan Greeley also weigh in on the immigration issue.

For more than a year, the old Walmart along the Mexican border here has been a mystery to those driving by on the highway. In place of the supercenter’s trademark logo hangs a curious sign: “Casa Padre.” But behind the sliding doors is a bustling city unto itself, equipped with classrooms, recreation centers and medical examination rooms. Casa Padre now houses more than 1,400 immigrant boys in federal custody

Former Elementary School Indefinite Detention Center in Chicago

According to ABC 7 News in Chicago, residents expressed outrage that the City was converting a former elementary school into a detention center for migrants.

Wadsworth Elementary on South Ellis will house about 100 migrants.

As I watched this story play out on the news the Holy Spirit brought to my memory when Obama signed the indefinite detention bill or NDAA Act into law and the former WalMart turned detention center to mind. The residents in Chicago have no idea that the Mayor of Chicago is just following orders dictated by the World Leader, Barack Obama. It doesn’t matter that he’s not holding office, he signed the law and that’s what dictators do!


In the very near future, Americans and including migrants will soon be detained in former WalMarts closed due to “theft” and lack of sales, closed elementary schools in Black neighborhoods (because they don’t close schools in other communities). The Bible says in Revelation 13:16 the Beast will “force” everyone small and great, free or bond (imprisoned or detained) to receive a mark. Being forced to take the vaccine is only a preview of what’s coming in the future. Pray to be counted worthy to escape what is coming.


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