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Gospel of The End-Times: End to Church Buildings?

Gospel of The End-Times: Did Yeshua illustrate an end to Church buildings? 

If you Google “church buildings destroyed” you’ll see that it’s happening in various ways from earthquakes destroying churches, Chinese police destroying church buildings, the Notre Dame Cathedral burning, or God destroying church buildings by earthquake , etc. And now it’s getting to the point where Pastors can’t have service in their “buildings” but being forced to hold service online. Why is this happening? Did you know the destruction of Church buildings was a sign of the end times? 

In Mathew 24 Yeshua warns the Disciples about the destruction of the Temple which signals the end to physical Church buildings with an imminent Return at His Second Coming with His Church body. Because by this time, 7 years after the Rapture, most church buildings will have been destroyed. 

Yeshua illustrates this future event by walking away from the Temple and going to sit on the Mt. of Olives to speak with His Disciples, at the very place He will stand when He returns! It was as if He was saying, “the future of preaching and teaching will be outdoors!”  

In verse 3, The Disciples weren’t so foolish to ignore His end time prophecy warnings like the Laodicean Church does by using the lame excuse “no man knows the day nor the hour”, instead they find out end time secrets of the Kingdom with a peek into the future by following Yeshua and asking “How would we know the signs of Your Coming?” 


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Mattityahu (Mathew) 24:1-3 CJB


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