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COVID-19: Pope’s Interfaith Prayer

The Advocate of The One World Religion, Pope Francis, has been using the coronavirus as a catalyst to unify muslim, so-called Christian, and Jewish believers to pray to God to end an end time prophecy event or pandemic.

First of all, if someone is truly in touch with God, how can they not see that the coronavirus was a comfirmed man-made disease from wuhan China falling into the category of one the end time events such as pestilence that Jesus warned His Disciples about in Mathew 24? Can you really pray to God to make a prophecy go away? I doubt it very much.

“… there shall be famines, and pestilences (disease or viral outbreak), and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.”

Mathew 24:7 KJV

This has resulted in outrage by other Catholics who are calling him “blasphemous” and “sacrilege”.

After his historic visit to the Arabian Peninsula in 2019, he formed an interfaith committee, Abu Dhabi-based multifaith Higher Committee on Human Fraternity. Its nine members came up with the idea to pray, fast and perform charitable works.

the Pontif went on to say,

“Maybe there will be someone who will say, ‘This is religious relativism and it cannot be done,” Francis said. “But how can we not pray to the father of us all? Each one prays as they know how, as they are able to. We are not praying one against the other, one tradition against another … (but) as brothers.”

As brothers? Really? Muslims do not believe in the Deity of Christ so how can we be “brothers”? Orthodox Jews have denied Jesus as the Messiah as well. Catholics pray to dead saints and do not accept Christ as the only mediator between God and man.

This explains the righteous anger of other faithful followers such as Nick Donnelly,

“The only ‘spiritual’ union that Christians recognize is the communion of the Holy Spirit with those baptized into the Body of Christ,” English Deacon Nick Donnelly told Church Militant. “He’s asking us to unite ourselves on the level of spirit with those who worship idols and demons or who venerate false prophets that deny the divinity of Christ.”

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As we watch the Rise of the False Prophet who will excersice the political power of the first Beast (Rev. 13), we are currently witnessing the unifying of the world religions. Today this religious choice is voluntary, but tomorrow it will be a requirement, probably due to the coronavirus. Come quickly Yeshua!


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