Bishop Marvin Winans

COVID-19: Marvin Winans

Pastor Marvin Winans of Perfecting Church in Detroit was rumored to have tested positive for the Coronavirus. The Pastor clears things up with a video to the public. In his own words in the video:

“I did test positive for the coronavirus from which I never got a result. I stayed in the hospital Friday where they managed my fever. I stayed in there Friday night Saturday and then I left Sunday evening and I came home and from there, my feet would not. I stayed home Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

I went back to the hospital which was not aDetroit Hospital so all of that wasuntrue and they came and got me and tookme to the hospitaland I stayed in there and again they did another test for the cold at 1900 hours while I was there and they also did chest x-rays now those of you that have ever been in the hospital understand that unless you have your primary physician that you you’re on who’s evers cheduled there and it’s wonderful nurses and wonderful persons that took care of me so I don’t want to imply that they think anything other than that this but getting answers were a little different and so I didn’t know my son Marvin jr.

Pastor Marvin Winans clears up rumors about COVID-19
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