Citation For Feeding The Homeless?

Cited for feeding the homeless CBS46 ATL

Cited For Feeding The Homeless
Some nonprofits say they were given citations for feeding the homeless in downtown Atlanta. According to one group organizer, police warned them that they needed a permit from the city to do so.
Adele Maclean told CBS46 she provides meals to others at an Atlanta park every Sunday.
“There is enough food to feed everybody in the world, but it’s being thrown away instead of being distributed,” said Maclean.
But Maclean and other nonprofits received a flyer and ticket Sunday, November 19.
“This week police told us we couldn’t serve the food,” said MacLean.
Atlanta Police confirmed the flyer, telling CBS46 it explains the city’s position on the food distributions. It thanks groups for their interest in serving those in need, but feeding and donating to those on the street is not a long-term solution.
“One police officer walked up to us ans said ‘I can’t let you do this.’ And we said we’re going to do it,” said Maclean.
The flyer also refers to a Fulton County code requiring a permit prior to the operation of a food service establishment. But Maclean says this is the first she’s heard of this in eight years, so she received a citation for not packing up.
The city also states street feedings pose public health risks for those being fed and sanitation problems for Atlanta.

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