CDC: Infections and Death Rose among the vaccinated

Person being vaccinated

Infections, deaths and hospitalizations have increased among the vaccinated in recent months according to newly released data from the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Cases among the FULLY vaccinated went from 12.3 to 121 cases from late June to mid-August while the media continues to lie to the public about the “unvaccinated” is the reason.

“The marked pronounced change in vaccine effectiveness is likely due to emergence of the Delta variant as the dominant variant, and the waning of vaccine immunity over time,” Paul Alexander, a former Trump administration COVID-19 adviser who has a masters of science in clinical epidemiology and community health, told The Epoch Times in an email.

“The immunity from the vaccine drops markedly over the few months post vaccine. The Delta is more infectious (yet far less lethal) but the real issue is that there is a mismatch as the vaccine does not hit the Delta so there is immune escape. It has effectively failed against the Delta and the accumulated evidence shows this (UK, Israel, etc.). So once infections rise, there is usually a hospitalization curve and then a death curve that follows,” he added.

Paul Alexander, a former Trump administration COVID-19 adviser

Scientists often refer to cases, hospitalizations, or deaths that occur in the fully vaccinated as “breakthroughs.” None of the vaccines are 100 percent effective, and all of them have declined in effectiveness over time, according to studies and clinical data. The decline has largely matched the introduction and quick dominance of the CCP virus’ Delta variant.

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