Christian Adoption Agency Can’t Be Closed for Refusing to Place Kids with Gay Couples

A federal court judge decided Monday a New York-based Christian adoption agency cannot be forced to shut down due to its policy of only placing children with married heterosexual couples.

Satan continues to war with the saints using his diabolocial LGBT Agenda that hates real bible believing Christians and their businesses. This latest effort to attack a christian adoption agency is no differrent. When it comes to the life of a child, studies have shown the balance of having a mother and father leads to a healthy upbringing. But if a child is raised where there is no balance, two men or two women, then they’ll never know the Adam & Eve institution of marraige established by God Himself. No matter what laws were changed since Creation, the Word of God will never change where marraige is between a man and a woman.

Praise Adonai for this victory and U.S. District Court Judge Mae D’Agostino!!!!

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Minister Terrell Pearson

Terrell Pearson has served in ministry since childhood as minister in music to the media ministry at Taking Authority network in Atlanta. He attended Liberty University to pursue graduate study for M.A. in Pastoral Ministry. But most of all he studies and researches Biblical Prophecy in the Endtimes under the guidance of the Holy Spirit of God.

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