CoronaVirus Arrests: Pastor Tony Spell

CoronaVirus Arrests: Pastor Tony Spell

Another Pastor is arrested in an incident related to the coronavirus. Pastor Tony Spell acts in outright defiance to the “powers that be” by holding a large Easter service and now almost assaulting someone with the church bus right outside of his church.

The Pastor also solicited people to donate their much need stimulus checks to his church!

Pastor Tony Spell

The Pastor defiantly states:

“We are going to congregate as God fearing citizens.”

Pastor Tony Spell
Pastor Tony Spell assaults someone with a bus.

After issuing an arrest warrant Monday, the Central Police Department announced Tuesday morning that Spell turned himself in and was arrested on one count of aggravated assault and improper backing. Police said he was fugitive with outstanding warrants in two nearby cities. He will be booked into East Baton Rouge Parish Prison. 

Surveillance video obtained by WAFB shows a white bus accelerating in reverse and stopping just a few feet away from a man carrying a sign in front of the church. Spell admitted in an interview with WAFB that he was driving the bus and said he simply wanted to get out and confront the protester, but his wife convinced him otherwise. 

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