End Time Message

End Time Message

NuCreature Ministry wants you to know we are now living in the early days of the prophetic book of Revelation. Life as we know it is about to change forever.

You are about to witness the disappearance of millions of people, as Jesus Christ will have returned to remove His people before the coming judgments upon the earth (the media will report an alien abduction has occurred).

Worldwide chaos will fill the earth as millions more discover their loved ones are no where to be found.

There after, the full execution of the New World Order-World Government will commence with the appointment of a World Leader who will exercise complete authority over all governments—worldwide. He will [temporarily] restore order and peace with the assistance of the United Nations.

The judgment clock of Christ will begin to tick with the signing of a 7-year Israeli-Palestinian Middle East Peace Agreement. During this 7-year period, inconceivable calamities and world catastrophes will occur as God releases His wrath upon the unrepentant inhabitants of the earth.

The culmination of these events will lead to Russia’s rebellion to the global domination of the World Leader and the Israeli Jews. As the initiator and lead country of World War III (Armageddon) Russia, accompanied by an Arab-African-Asian Alliance, will wage war against the World Leader and Israel in the bloodiest war in the history of planet earth.

Jesus Christ will return to the earth as a Warrior and Judge, placing His feet on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem. He will end Armageddon by the Words of His Mouth, destroying the enemy armies, thus saving His people Israel.

After Armageddon has ended, Yeshua HaMashiach (Christ) will usher in True Peace to the earth by establishing His Government. He will rule the earth as King of all kings forever. When you see Him, what will you do? It is now time for you to decide your fate. Will you choose Jesus Christ or another?

The decision you make will be the difference between life and death . . . Forever!

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