Deal With The Devil: K Michelle

Deal With The Devil: K Michelle

I was watching the Soul Train Awards tonight and could not believe what I saw! K Michelle’s new album cover featuring the colors, signs, and symbols that all signal that she has signed a deal with the devil in exchange for fame and fortune. Now as a graphic designer I can surely explain the elements used in the cover design was no accident as it passed across the screen of the executives at Atlantic records who approved the artists layout. To better understand what you are seeing you must understand the occult’s signs and symbol’s that are used to communicate silently in the spirit realm. Let’s take a look:

K Michelle

  • Here you can see K Michelle adorned in the devil’s covenant colors which are black and red never the other way around.
  • The pattern on the wall to the left of her forms the shape of the upside down cross used in satanic rituals and also seen on Kanye West’s new album.
  • She uses the appropriate name for the album “Rebellious Soul” because she has done just that!

Beware to not play her music in your house. Why? You give Satan himself the legal right to attack your life because of the deal K Michelle has signed in order to make a few dollars.

Look out for more to come and the upcoming video entitled “Deal with The Devil”. Stay tuned


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