Daily Proverb: My Son Keep My Words

Today’s Daily Proverb:

My son, keep my words…Proverbs 7 KJV

The entire theme in Proverbs 7 encourages the reader to keep the words of the book of the Law and avoid the strange women dressed like harlots (whores, verse 5 & 10 KJV).

Today, instead of the letter of the Law, it would be the Spirit of the Law, in  other words be led by God the Holy Spirit in order to keep God’s Law because otherwise it’s impossible. Only one person could keep all of the Law, and that is Jesus!

My mother would always warn me about the women of the world outside of the church, but I would warn myself about some of the women in church! As I was raised as a preacher’s kid I had my share of stories to tell. I also have experiences in the nightclubs of Atlanta (Club 112, The Industry, etc) where I used to work and play, so I truly remember hearing God’s voice while I was there reminding me that I didn’t belong there!

The Holy Spirit of God would help me keep the Law of Proverbs 7 by convicting me  of my presence in the clubs, streets, or wherever else I didn’t belong. the times I decided not obey God got me into much trouble which I truly regret to this day.

I encourage you to please keep God’s Law and He’ll keep you out of trouble!


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