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Wel­come! We are an Online Church Min­istry ded­i­cated to the Return of Jesus Christ. Our assign­ment on earth is to pre­pare the Church and the world for the Rap­ture and the 2nd Return of Jesus Christ to the earth. We do this by com­par­ing cur­rent events to Bible Prophecy, which sig­nal the immi­nent Return of Jesus Christ. If you want to expe­ri­ence the extra bless­ing given to those who read and watch the prophe­cies accord­ing to Rev­e­la­tion 1:3, then we invite you to become a mem­ber  to stay up to date on the cur­rent events lead­ing to Christ’s Return. Because we love you and want you to be ready. Read more 

How­ever, if you are a Chris­t­ian who choose to stick to the “no man knows the day nor hour” gospel, then more than likely, you’ll be one of the “Left Behind” Chris­tians who will go through the  Tribu­la­tion Period. We invite you to stay in touch in order to find out what you will expe­ri­ence dur­ing Obama’s reign as the Leader of the New World Order, accord­ing to Fox News and Henry Kissinger (for­mer National Secu­rity Advi­sor for the Ger­ald Ford and Richard Nixon Administrations).

The World Stage is now set. There are no more prophe­cies that must come to past before Christ appears in the air and Rap­tures His Church.

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Paraphrasing Revelation

Paraphrasing Revelation

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Paraphrasing Revelation

Background Information written by Deborah Pearson Paraphrasing by Bible Scholar Tom Stewart

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